January 7th, 2009

A Sandwich is a Sandwich, but a Manwich . . .

. . . is a MEAL.


That’s how the old slogan goes. And we decided to test it out.

It’s so easy to make this Sloppy Joe recipe, even a monkey could do it. Although, for liability reasons, you really wouldn’t want a monkey messing around in your kitchen.

Just brown a pound of ground beef in a skillet until it’s no longer pink and drain.

Then, mix in a can of Manwich and stir until it’s mixed through and hot.

Serve the mixture on hamburger buns and you’re done!

Sandy toasted our buns in a little butter on a skillet, but she’s like that. She has to go and make absolutely EVERY meal extra delicious.


Did I mention Cheetos were on the menu too? Who doesn’t like a Cheeto every now and then?

This was such a quick and easy lunch and it was a big hit for us beef-eaters. My eight-year-old nephew ate two of them.

Does that make him a REAL MAN now?

For that matter, if I ate one does that make ME a man?

I’m so confused . . .

Top photo and recipe courtesy of ConAgraFoods.com.

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