April 14th, 2009

Celebrate with Steak!

Are you ready for tax day?

Is anyone really ever ready for tax day? Let’s be real.

But it’s all a part of living in the U. S. of A. So I’m happy to do it when I know some of those taxes go to our men and women in the armed forces and other really good things.

The rest I just ignore — or voice opinions about to my congressman, er, congresswoman.

And since tomorrow I will breathe a huge sigh of relief that this year’s festival of paperwork is over I’m going to celebrate.

And, oh yeah, it’s really close to my wedding anniversary too. So I’ll be celebrating that as well.

We’re going to serve up some juicy ribeyes and toast another year under our belts.

We just won’t mention how both of our belts had to be let out a couple of notches.

I’ll post some photos so you can drool too, okay?

Happy Tax Day/Anniversary/Fill-in-the-Blank Day to you! I think we all could use a little dose of steaky goodness right about now!