April 3rd, 2008

Giddy Up!

I love all the different names for cuts of meat. But my favorite has to be the Cowboy Steak.

There are conflicting ideas as to the real origin of the name, but generally it is any of the cuts with the bone in like bone-in ribeye. Cowboys in days of old used that bone as a handle when chowing down out on the range.

I don’t think they were able to carry a Reed & Barton flatware set around with them while they were wranglin’ doggies.

Their cut of meat looked something like this . . .


I have a feeling their meal was not as neatly presented but you get the idea.

That kind of history fascinates me. People have been enjoying the simple goodness of a great cut of meat cooked over an open flame for centuries and centuries.

I’d say that puts us in great company!

Now, where’d I leave my lasso???

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