February 25th, 2008

Ribeyes Come to Life on the Small Screen

Here’s a great video to get your Monday started off the right way.

I’m telling you, YouTube might be the greatest invention ever (well, besides steak, of course). Click on the link below for a fantastic ribeye recipe demonstration by the guys over at BarbecueWeb.com.

And while you’re watching, keep a running tally of how many times the narrator says, “Man!” 

It’s pretty hilarious.

Also, note the number of times he growls. Very manly.

My mouth was watering while I watched it. I could almost taste the buttery garlic and onion mixed with the rich, juicy taste of the ribeye. Ya just gotta see it.

Bee-bop along to the kickin’ music as you watch this video. (It really is pretty well done. No pun intended.) Then, git you some juicy ribeyes and try it yerself! Yee-haw!