July 1st, 2008

Seal Your Steak With a Kiss

My husband brought this handy little vacuum sealer home for me from a business trip last week. He had been gone all week leaving me home with the children — 24 hours a day. For days on end.

Now some people may equate this gift to receiving a mop or feather duster from your husband for your anniversary.

To me, it was a sweet love note. A romantic gesture.

It has a picture of a steak on it for heaven’s sake! Of course he knew I’d like it.

And since it has a photo of a steak on it, it must be useful for steaks, right?

I decided to investigate further.

This puppy removes the air from freezer bags so you can vacuum seal them and keep whatever you want fresh for months. Namely . . . steaks.

So, when you have a big barbecue this summer and you grill tons of ribeyes, T-bones, filets and Porterhouses and your friends don’t eat near as much as you anticipated — voila! Vacuum seal ’em.

Then, you have ready-made steaks the next time you get a hankerin’. Just heat and serve.

I love this!

And I love that man. He’s a genius.

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