October 18th, 2008

Steak: The Final Frontier

The following are excerpts from a recent forum conversation regarding space and steak.

You’ll just have to read it. Go on. I dare ya.

First, a guy named “smellymotor” says this:

Date Posted: 10/16 11:47pm

Subject: NASA: Outer space ‘smells like fried steak’

“The far reaches of outer space are not only dark and mysterious but apparently smell great.

NASA scientists have revealed the aroma of fried steak wafts through the cosmos, the UK’s Telegraph reports.

And while that’s enough to make your mouth water, experts say it also smells of hot metal and the welding of a motorbike.

NASA has commissioned the head of a fragrance manufacturing company, Steven Pearce, to recreate the smells in a laboratory in a bid to help astronauts prepare for their missions. ”


Then, “Dx2x” says:

I wish all of Earth smelled like steak

To which “Voodoo-Dahl” replies:

Aliens must be barbecuing… something.

Moe_Nox then retorts:

If the universe does indeed smell like steak, I would consider that as evidence of God. A manly God with exquisite taste.

Moe_Nox included this mouth-watering photo of juicy, tender steak.

I now have a little www-crush on Moe_Nox.

You can read the entire thread here, but Moe_Nox is mine, people. Don’t go cyber stalking him.

Moe_Nox’s photo courtesy of photobucket.com.