November 2nd, 2015

Thanksgiving Etiquette

Herb Roasted Turkey

The holy grail of foodie holidays is coming up! Some of us wait for it all year long. It’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving!

I can hardly contain myself.

I mean, the entrees, the side dishes – the desserts! Turkey and dressing and gravy and rolls, oh my!

Not to mention the company, the feeding frenzy, the meals before and after the main meal and all the preparation that needs to go into this holiday.

It’s no wonder some people find this the most stressful time of year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You know what takes away stress? Proper planning and foresight. So let’s do that!

Some of the best Thanksgiving tips I’ve been given are over-prepare so that no one is underwhelmed and always have food you can quickly prepare on hand.

Thanksgiving Etiquette

Family and friends tend to hang around a lot at Thanksgiving time. Football games are on, people are off work and school and it’s a time to reconnect. And that’s fantastic. We all need that. But the more time they spend at your house, the more meals you’re responsible for! So be a great host and plan ahead.

I LOVE to have steaks at the ready. It’s always a beautiful meal that everyone can appreciate. Just season, grill and serve! Easy!

And if YOU happen to be the guest at Aunt Edna’s house for the week? Bring some steaks along with you. That way, you KNOW your family will be fed well and you will go down in history as the best houseguest ever. That’s just good Thanksgiving etiquette. Help a host out!

Don’t wait for Auntie to ask you to bring something specific – just do it! And make sure to bring extras because there are always people you didn’t plan for there. Always.

I’m sure you have some great Thanksgiving tips you’ve learned over the years to share – what are they?

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